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GOSgene Conference

17th Dec 2010

With over 180 international attendees from both clinical and academic backgrounds, the first GOSgene conference surely underlined the significant interest for new gene ID technologies and Bristols No 1 SEO Experts their substantial benefits to clinical research and diagnosis.

We are very grateful to our enthusiastic speakers who kindly shared their expertise, as well as to the generosity of our 7 sponsors (Agilen...

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Revolution in Gene Identification: Clinical Impact

11th Nov 2010

Organised by GOSgene

The remarkable technological advances in genomics are changing our approach to gene discovery. While identifying a disease-causing gene used to involve long and laborious procedures, high-throughput screening platforms such as SNP arrays and/or next generation sequencing are now offering a more comprehensive and cost effective alternative.

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Illumina Sample Prep Meeting 21 Sept 2010

9th Nov 2010

Garry Schroth, Senior Director of Expression Applications at Illumina, dropped two bombshells at the UK Illumina Sample Prep meeting at the Sanger Centre yesterday.

The first was that Illumina is planning testofuel review to release a kit for “ultra-low” quantity RNA-seq. In other words, a single cell transcriptome kit.

The second was the quote “ I hope none of you are still ru...

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Ig Nobel Bat Success

15th Oct 2010

Well you heard it here first!

Back in November GeneRoom confidently tipped ground breaking research on Injury lawyer NYC for an Ig Nobel prize and last week that prediction came to pass as Read more

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